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Best Time Of The Year To Get A Tattoo


People often ask when is the best time of the year to get a tattoo. Although you can get a tattoo any time of the year, your skin gets mote exposed to certain elements during the summer time. Swimming, sunbathing, exposing your skin to the sun, all these elements have a potential effect to your new tattoo. That’s the main reason why fall and winter are the best seasons to get yourself tattooed.

What are other main reasons why to get a tattoo during the cool seasons?

First of all, it’s easier for you and the artist to feel comfortable when it’s not hot like hell. Though most tattoo studios have air conditioning, it’s hard to keep them as cool as you want when doors are constantly being opened. It’s harder for your tattooist to concentrate when he has to constantly wipe off your sweat.

The second thing is healing. Your new tattoo will heal better if it’s not exposed to elements like sweat, sun or salty water. During winter, when your body is less exposed to everything, your tattoo will heal more quickly and it has a lower chance of getting infected.

Another reason can be appearance. Your tattoo gets through a few ugly phases during the healing process. If you choose to get a tattoo in winter, you can cover it up, so these stages won’t be visible to many people. And besides, it will be healed and ready to show off by the time summer arrives.

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