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Tattoos And Numbing Products


Some people are afraid of getting a tattoo, usually because they fear the pain, or they’ve heard stories about how horrible and painful it is to get a tattoo.

The question is: Can some kind of numbing cream or other numbing product be used in order to reduce the pain during the tattooing process?
And the answer is: These sort of numbing products are not recommended for numerous reasons.

There is a product on the market; it’s some kind of numbing cream, or a patch, which can be applied to the skin before getting tattooed. But it takes 30 minutes for it to take effect and it only works for about 30 minutes. An average tattoo takes significantly longer to be complete. This means the tattooist would have to stop working somewhere in the middle, apply the cream again, wait for another 30 minutes and then continue, and repeat it again and again. Also, some nurses say when this kind of products lose effect, it’s a shock to the body, and the discomfort felt from being tattooed becomes up to 10 times more painful, so it’s not recommended.

Lidocaine injections can also be used to prevent pain, but many tattoo artists don’t approve of such methods.

Bottom line, getting a tattoo is not nearly as painful as you probably imagine. The best way is to get yourself well informed and educated, and somehow overcome the fear, before you choose to get tattooed.


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