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Tattoos And Shaving


If you’re a women and just got a new tattoo on the leg, you’re probably going to ask yourself if you can shave.  So before you pull out the razor blade, take some time to read these facts about tattoos and shaving.

First of all, your leg will be completely shaved before you’ll get a tattoo, so at least you start with a smooth skin. Although, after a couple of days you’ll probably have an urge to shave. But unfortunately, shaving over the tattoo at this point would be brutal, because you run the risk of damaging your art design. You also might think about chemical hair removers… but applying anything like that on a fresh wound would be just as bad as using a blade.

What you want to do is shave around the tattoo, but be sure to clean down any shaving creams or gels afterwards. when you’re done with the shaving, protect your tattoo by applying the lotion, as directed by your tattooist.

You’re probably wondering when it’s save to shave again. As your skin starts to regenerate, after about 7-10 days, depending on your body’s ability to heal, you can run a test to make sure shaving safe. Just run your fingers across the tattoo and try to feel if your skin has any raised areas or irregularities. The skin over your tattoo should be as smooth as the skin around it. If you feel any bumps, you might want to wait a bit longer.


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