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Where On Your Body To Get A Tattoo


When you decide to get your first tattoo, there’s always the question where should you put it? Technically it’s a matter of everyone’s personal preference, but there are still some factors to consider, before you choose where on your body your tattoo is going to be.

Firstly, consider what you do for living. More and more people get tattooed every day, we can say tattoos have become more acceptable by general public. But unfortunately, this doesn’t mean it will be acceptable by employers and clients of the professional worker. Before getting a tattoo in a visible area of your body, just consider how it will affect people around you. If you’re not sure about it, then try placing your tattoo where it can be simply covered up by regular clothing.

Second thing you’d want to consider when it comes to this subject is the pain factor. Where does it hurt the most? There aren’t any rules for this matter, but based on people’s opinions, here are some of the most painful areas:

  • For men – Spine, Abdomen, Chest
  • For women – Spine, Ankle, Ribcage

And the areas, considered least painful are:

  • For men -  Arm, Buttocks, Back
  • For women – Abdomen, Thigh, Buttocks, Shoulder

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